Autumn Cleaning

This Saturday will be my final shift in food retail. Are you happy for me? I'm kind of nervous for what lies on the other side. What if I still don't know what to do with myself even when I'm only working a "day job" three days a week?

Today I had my first day off alone in a long time. In preparation for this new lifestyle I'm heading for, I decided to gut our spare room, which is also my studio. It's tough living in a modest flat with another person when you're a hoarder like me. I've tried to be ruthless none the less and the result has made me feel much better about the weeks and months ahead. I feel I can work here again.

I'm going to show you the before-shot of my desk, as shameful as it is, just so you can see how a little bit of condensing and reorganising can make a difference. (Honestly, I mostly threw away paperwork, some junk that isn't in shot, and all the non-bic ball points I'd somehow managed to accumulate - the horror!)


And just like that I can tuck my chair under the desk again and maybe even do some drawing. We do still need to look in to more storage for this room. What you can't see behind me is a rather tall (but now tidy) pile of boxes, filled with things that might one day like to belong in a drawer or two. He also keeps his bike in here.

I'm always fascinated to see other people's working environments. I could spend hours on Pinterest browsing beautiful studio spaces. Sophie recently wrote a great post on the importance of building a studio that inspires and works for you. You should definitely go read it and swoon over her window.